Job Posting Rules

1) Repetitive jobs not allowed, you can not post multiple copy of same job.

2) Due to heavy load, we publish Limited jobs for each employer. If you want to post many jobs, please contact us.

3) Do not create multiple accounts for same organization, we are manually monitor all the accounts.

4) Only valid jobs allowed, Any type of false or fake content, Promotional contents not allowed.

5) You need to fill the correct information for location, company, job agency, contact information and all other fields.

6) You are legally responsible for all of your jobs and contents.

7) Please do not post Too many jobs, It can delay the publishing of your jobs.

8) Unknown home based typing data entry or illegal jobs for region not allowed, Must have verified business information for each job.

9) All the employers posting the jobs from Gmail, Yahoo or Other Public Email sites,  We will verify the email from Original company.

10) Logo & Company information only shows to the jobs, which were verified from original company. Current we are not doing the verifications due to lack of staff and our budget.

Please follow all the rules, and if anything false reported for your jobs or contents, then your account will blocked, jobs will be deleted immediately and other action will be taken by

Contact us, If you have any other query.